Understand the
Deep & Dark Webs


Understand the Deep & Dark Webs

Aleph has been working on the Deep & Dark Webs since 2014.

The goal of these training courses is to help you better understand the Deep & Dark Webs and learn how to browse these types of networks more effectively to find as much useful information as possible.

For who: Company leaders, Security and Cybersecurity staff
investigators, analysts, Threat Intelligence consultants, etc.


Training course on the Dark Web

Duration: 1 day

This training course will help you better understand the part of the Internet known as the Dark Web:

  • What does it look like?
  • What does it contain? Discover its highly varied content in all its forms and learn about key players.
  • What are the best practices to use when directly accessing the Dark Web? (Security and Vigilance).


Training course on the Deep & Dark Webs
+ Aleph Search Dark

Duration: 2 days

This training course helps you better understand the Deep & Dark Webs and exploit the data you find using the Aleph Search Dark search engine:

  • Introduction to the Deep & Dark Webs, their content, and practices
  • Overview of Aleph Search Dark’s features
  • Outline of a data exploitation methodology
  • Presentation of our graph-based displays and networks of influence


Customised business solutions workshop

Prerequisite: The “Deep & Dark Webs + “Aleph Search Dark” course

During the business solutions workshop, the trainer works closely with you to examine your company’s use cases with our tools. This workshop is a complement to one of our training courses or a case study:

  • Qualification of the need
  • Creation of a case study
  • Implementation of the case study using Aleph Search Dark with the trainer’s support.


All our training courses can be customised to meet your needs,
interests, participant profiles, time available, and the format that best suits your staff.

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